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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
The 2014 calendar year is almost at a close for us all. We have all made great strides to keep our lodge up and running. A great deal of gratitude goes out to all that volunteered their time and efforts in keeping Colonial Beach Moose Lodge #1267 on the forefront! We are holding the members Christmas Party on 20 December from 6pm until Midnight. The Chapter has a great menu planned for dinner 6:00-7:30, for your entertainment, we have booked “Patsy and the Country Classics” 8:00-midnight. Please come out and have a great time with all of your fellow brothers and sisters. For New Year’s Eve, we have booked “The Koolerators”. They will be playing from 8 pm until 1am New Year’s morning. This event will be held in the Social Quarters. Breakfast will be available after the party. The Christmas Party will be in the Hall to allow more room for dancing and libations! Our member retention has dropped over the last couple of months, putting us behind overall. If you know of anyone who has allowed their dues to expire, please give them a warm reminder that we need them here and appreciate them. We are also in the midst of Moose International’s member retention campaign. Gaining new members is great, but retaining everyone shows strength in numbers, and many can accomplish much more than that of a few. Beginning the first week in January, Ms. Katie will be offering tutoring on Monday and Wednesday in the hall for children 1st through High School Grades from 4:30-6:30. She is a licensed educator, and is willing to donate her time in helping any member’s child who might be struggling with school work. This is a great Community Service project for our Lodge! Thank you Ms. Katie! Sunday and Monday night football games are still on tap however. Come out, see the games, and have a cold one at discount prices. There might even be a special on a bowl of chili, hotdogs, or some hot cheese dip and chips out to enjoy. We have been attempting to get in touch with Moose International and the State to find out where the investigation is currently. As soon as we find out, we will let everyone know. We have also applied for the Moose International Grant program. We intend to upgrade the plumbing, renovate the Marquis, and make another handicap restroom if we are awarded the funds. We will let you know how we are progressing through this program in the next couple of Months. The Board and General Membership voted to sell the antiquated Bingo equipment for $1200.00. Please come out and support your lodge as we usher in 2015! I think you will continue to see more events as we make improvements to the Lodge and as we put the past behind us.
Joe Eller Administrator
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